Used car certification limits the used car industry

Fuzhou car loan information, domestic used-car trading volume last year reached more than 5 million, used car volumes nearly 300 billion an increase of 12% people. China's used car market there is a huge space for development, professional institutions in recent years, is expected to be entering the peak period for vehicle replacement, used car market as well as more demand is coming, big high specification model, some used car workshop will be eliminated by the market.

chain of used-car industry as a whole also experienced a significant increase in demand for financing, and because of the frequent traffic flow have become extremely, used-car dealers must have a more solid financial strength as a support, which is also operating specifications of the expansion and marketing of survival of the fittest. But domestic used-car market still has many shortcomings, restrictions on the used-car industry's biggest, is used-car related certification as well as after-sales service.

now used car vehicle to assess the new standards are in place, this is the current required for the used-car market, used car sales follow-up service, quality of follow up but there are no better model. In the sales of new cars, both pre-sale and after sale is the sale, cars new car market has been basically established a complete information system, maintenance, spare parts and other services have a mature business model, which is not in the used car trade.

there are also restrictions on used car loans of financial institutions, from commercial banks to the private lending and guarantee companies, it's hard to get used car loan help and used car loans is also a factor holding back overall development of the industry. But now some financial institutions, focused on used car loans business, used car evaluation system is further improved, we also need to be a lot of strengthening consumer buying confidence, improved used car sales details and financial support systems established.

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